Saturday, October 4, 2008

An end to THIS adventure!!!

So here I am, home after four days in Seattle, as you can see we had a great time. We drew, we walked ALOT, we made an international group of new friends (who were totally jealous of our Kung Fu!!!), we saw and experienced a city neither of us had been too before, and I am extremely tired. We learned alot, like how amazing Belgian beers can be, and how as much fun and as many funny stories we have, it'll never be as entertaining as it was when we were knee deep in it. You had to be there. Well, until our next adventure to who knows where? San Francisco? L.A.? New York? Hong Kong? Who knows, you'll just have to stick around until it happens, and when we go, you'll know too!!!!

Johnathans Photos!!!

When Ryan Liebe was in Eugene last week, he met a guy named Johnathan, Johnathan is cool. He takes pictures. We like Johnathan, these are his pictures...

Friday, October 3, 2008

Cellphone Pictures!!!

these are places we went and saw!!!

....and then we went to the Lusty Lady...

...Yeah, so we were told by numerous people that for drawing interesting and freakish looking people, we should try out the Lusty Lady, so we did! I mean why not? We're on vacation, throw a couple of quarters down a deep dark, moist and tainted we did, and these are the drawings we did inside this cavernous hole that leads deep inside the earth, to very center of human depravity...

Day three!!! Part two!!!

Here's Liebes stuff, did you know that it rains alot in Seattle???

Day three!!!

it was a dosey today, too much rain to really get and do some observational drawing, but we drew our asses off again! Here's Starks...

Thursday, October 2, 2008